• Emily Lutz

7 best practices for great landing pages

You probably know that if you're advertising a product or service you should create a specific page that your potential customers will land on once they click your ad. "Landing pages" narrow the focus of what action you want the potential customer to take, increases conversion rates, and makes it easier for you to track your ads. What you might not know is exactly what makes up a good landing page. The folks over at Brafton have created this handy infographic which outlines 7 best practices to follow when creating a landing page.

They are:

  1. Write action-orientated copy

  2. Use Contrasting call to action colors

  3. Remove the navigation menu

  4. Use images and videos

  5. Request the right amount of information

  6. Keep it simple

  7. Always be testing

For more information see the infographic below or read the original blog post from Brafton.